Read these instructions carefully:


When you have purchased the test you will be directed to start test page.

  1. The system will pop up a dialog box showing the name of our “The Personality Balance Sheet” program, namely EXE. When you see this press the Open button and the test will start in that window.
  2. The first thing it will ask you for is your unique user id this becomes the name of your personality file. Make up anything you like and type it and press ENTER.
  3. There are three parts, namely part A, part B, and part C. Read the directions carefully and start part one by pressing the ENTER key or the ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ ¬†or ‘H’ (Help) key. DO NOT PRESS THE ENTER KEY.
  4. When you answer all 24 questions, it will automatically prompt you to start the next part until you are finished. You do not have to press ENTER after each question. As soon as you press A,B,C, or D, as an answer to a questions, it will advance to the next question. Each situation gives you two choices, ‘A’ or ‘B’, pick the one that best describes you in that scenario. If you feel strongly that both fit you then pick ‘C’ or if you feel strongly that neither fit you then pick ‘D’.
  5. If you think you messed up on a part, no big deal. Retake any part as many times as you think necessary by entering A,B, or C and pressing ENTER while in the menu.
  6. When you are happy with your answers, enter D and press ENTER to save the results. The program will then write your results to the file named after the user id you entered at the beginning.
  7. When you finish, the test window will disappear. Do not despair, simply press the File button and then select Open. Enter your user id as the file to search for. If you can not remember what you entered, then search on files that end with “.TXT” and you should see your test.
  8. The file manager should pop up your file name, assuming you remembered it. Select your file using the mouse and then select Open. Click the OK button to open your file. The File manager will open it using notebook. You will be able to read your results on-line. You may save your file to your system or print it out.
  9. If you can not follow directions, don’t worry, the text file was written to your disk and you should see a new ICON on your Click on it and your system should automatically open it using ‘Notebook’.
  10. Thanks for using our system. We hope that by learning more about yourself and your needs and interest, you can find peace and happiness in this life.

Please click the Buy Now button below, then after paying $1, you will be directed to a page to download the test.