The following are example questions found in our test:


Part I. “I think I should…”

1.      [A] …tell other what to do. OR;[B] …motivate others to get results or [C] both, [D] neither.

Part II. “I prefer…”

1.      [A] …to be friendly and sympathetic. OR;[B] …to be in control and disciplinarian [C] both, [D] neither.

Part III. “under extreme stress I can become…”

1.      [A] …dictatorial and absolute. OR;[B] …bold and willing to take risk or [C] both, [D] neither..

You simply pick ‘A’ or ‘B’ if you feel that choice fits you. If you think that both fit you, then select ‘C’ or ‘D’ if you feel neither choice describes you.

As you can see, they really aren’t questions, rather they are choices. In section I, we want you to think of yourself in an environmental that requires you to fall back on your training or upbringing. In section II, we want you to think of yourself in an environment where you feel comfortable and finally in section III, when you are under extreme stress.

Can you cheat?
Yes, if you aren’t completely honest, you might start guessing what is ‘the right answer’. The truth is, there isn’t a right answer. This is simply an aid to help you understand yourself. The first step toward improving your relationships is being honest with yourself. What is the point of being dishonest since no one will see this except you?

We promise you that we will not know the results of your ‘test’, only you will know, unless you decide to share it with someone else. You will be surprised just how well this quiz will peg your personality if you answer honestly. You will begin to see yourself in a whole new light as well as others. You will start thinking of others completely different. You will start thinking of others as, Oh, now I
understand why old Joe bugs me, he or she are ‘high green’ and I’m a high ‘yellow’ personality or visa versa. It is a hoot!


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